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Prayer and Fasting (BG)
I woke up this morning from what I'm crawling like a snake,
In my presence, they say my name, but I know it's not me,
I worked all my life, it seems – under the tail to the cat,
One thing remains – Prayer and Fasting.
I met up with Mick Jagger in Juan Les Pins on the beach,
He sat on a beautiful mattress and did not see how I lie,
I was lying near, not wordy and simple,
I lay and thought, "Well, here to you! Hey! Prayer and Fasting".
Learn from me abstinence, don't poke into the mouth whatever has got,
Don't look that I drink since morning – this is yoga of our latitudes,
Just is happening bridging, and I want go out on the bridge,
And I go out and think, "On fig! Hey! Prayer and Fasting".

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