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The heart from the sand (BG)
The heart from the sand, tell me how sing?
To us will be light, when they will kindle oil.
They will kindle oil – clouds will start to burn.
They in vain spend bullets on the heart from the sand!
I was calling how was able – replied only surf.
You speak to me, as if I'm someone else.
And I'm and true other, I'm from afar.
Write all you want, on the heart from the sand!
In the powder flasks there is still powder
Still not all the bridges are burned
That what the sky said to me, me to retell there is nobody
I would not be here, when would not be a secret mercy of Moon.
In the very heart of winter here smells of spring
I can fall seven times, but I'll rise on the eighth
And our song is simple, our burden is light,
Remind me who I am – the heart from the sand.

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